Batam, Indonesia

Chinese New Year is very much celebrated here in Singapore.  Nothing much to do, since all stores are close and most are out of town or just at home preparing. Friends and I decided to go somewhere else. Nearest would be Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.  All those nice and fancy are fully booked and what’s left is Batam. Date set and off we go on a Thursday morning.

Trip Cost: 59sgd

Inclusion: City tour, Seafood lunch, Terminal fee

Add on: 2sgd tour guide and driver tip

I also tried their traditional massage which cost me – 150,000 rupiah (20sgd) – a relaxing treat indeed.


~ by memyselfandjen on February 9, 2011.

3 Responses to “Batam, Indonesia”

  1. 😀 soon soon!

  2. i should try and take a weekend off batam soon and get that much needed massage…hehe

    hey, thanks for dropping by my blog! =)

    • the place is just like Mandaue Cebu .. 😉 hihihi! but nonetheless, its a day off with friends and a place that’s new.
      I love your photos ❤

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