after 25 years …

A recent conversation with T , “mka shrink og clothes ang washing machine?” … and goes my — eeeehh!?!

I don’t do laundry, and this was my dilemma when I decided to move out.

It was my 3rd (or the 4th) time last night and now it’s  something I look forward to. (of course ‘coz if I don’t, will definitely walk naked) 😉


Image from: laundry

~ by memyselfandjen on November 22, 2010.

4 Responses to “after 25 years …”

  1. ang ironing part of “laundry” ang amazing. L had to give me impromptu lessons. kaya ni nato jen, why not!? 🙂

    and oh, katawa pa ka, possible daw makashrink oi. (hehe, defensive)

    • ang dryer mka shrink ingon si kuya E! mg watch pko vids sa ironing part coz ill do that tonight na. ky basin inig suot nko sa akong clothes ugma gukdon ko plantsa! hahaha;))

  2. dugaya gud nimo namalantsa! 😛 daghan diay kag dala sanina!

    uy iblog palihog tong imong iphone experience. over and out! 😀

    • wla pko ka plantsa ever … feeling nko murag dli ko mka iron karon ky gtamad ko. ill wait for the iron to run after me nlng! lolz :))

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