Red Tag

Kaith tagged me and the rule:

list down seven red things that can be found in your home and  tag seven people to do the same.

I thought I can’t find a lot of red stuff in our home but I was wrong! I remember having a red shirt, so I decided to open my closet to find it. To my surprise, I found not just 1 red shirt, but few more clothing that’s red. (but didn’t took pictures of them all, hehehe) Next, I looked around my room and saw a few. Later I noticed that even our dining table cloth is red.(so Christmasy!) And few others like the red ballpen on top of my desk, a red notebook, red books and my red card holder.

1.  Sodexho gift certificates envelope (with nothing in it ;D)

2. My red cup from HK Disneyland (kept it as remembrance)

3. This is the red dress I bought when I decided to start wearing dress 😀

4. Red jacket my cousin from US gave as pasalubong

5. A red box of prayer cards

Tagging: Markie, Tee, Yvonne, Joseph, Radj

(just have 5 red stuff in this blog and tagged 5 people…not following the rules if  I may say) 😉

Photos taken from my Nikon p90.


~ by memyselfandjen on January 23, 2010.

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