Right in front of me…

Searched, found, think…think, then decided — click buy then wait! Yesterday was the day that I first got hold of my new camera. *big grin* Indeed Christmas is in the air…

Photography has never been my passion. I take pictures to capture memorable moments or just simple take pictures as remembrance. Until one day… voilah! I started lovin’ it. (like a sudden twist and turn of interest, heehhee)

It took me months to decide either to get something like this or a point-and-shoot cam or a dslr. Since I’m a newbie to this hobby it won’t hurt a bit if I’ll start with something that is not that painful to my budget. Yeah, it’s Christmas but I’m not that much generous to myself for me to purchase a dslr worth (ehem!) 30K.  (though I bought other new and exciting stuff for myself aside from this)

I purchased this so-called new toy of mine during Thanksgiving and got a lot of freebies in the package. I shipped it to Lexington where the hands of our friend John is waiting to personally deliver this to me. (special thanks to him). I received this yesterday at 10pm and couldn’t stop tinkering. 😀 (so happy and excited)

…wishlist #1 — check!

first few shots taken from Nikon p90…

(note:) Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Ayala, John’s new phone, flower


~ by memyselfandjen on December 10, 2009.

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