tummy wasn’t feeling ok for the past few weeks, I had it check and was advice to undergo some tests, endoscopy procedure  and stay in the hospital for few days.

the badge
the badge

it’s been a long time since i got hospitalize, but it’s not something i look forward to for so many reasons. yet few days in Chonghua was different this time. one thing i noticed is the technology evolution of the place. unlike before, patients are now asked to wear a badge upon admission. it has the patient’s name, birthday and serial number. though i haven’t ask the reason why that thing exist, i find it reasonable and helpful to hospital staff who’ll attend to the patient’s needs. aside from which, i didn’t shell out any amount this time, a big thanks to my insurance. *grin


and the result of those tests? it’s a gastro thing that has something to do with my lower esophageal sphincter. because of this, i need to take meds for a month and was given a list of food to avoid (if possible).


~ by memyselfandjen on October 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “admitted…”

  1. Who’s your doctor?
    My gastro specialist is Pek Eng Lim. Hehe.

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