Down South

Map of Cebu

Map of Cebu

“Sheslley’s last visit to Cebu this year and guess this will be the last out of town for the group as well”…this is quite sad to say thinking that there are still 4 months to go before the year ends. But who knows, a sudden change of mind might happen.

After Palawan, the group decided to go on a road trip to the southern part of Cebu. We just have few activities in mind, drop by Simala, take pictures of the sceneries, go to the beach and enjoy!
We had our first stop at Caltex, yes indeed this was our first stop as we call it. Remember, one road trip essentials is the gasoline. After which our journey begins.



Colored Candles

Colored Candles

Our next stop is Simala. This is a church in Sibonga for the Marian devotees. This is a popular place not just for believers but also to those who wanted to see a magnificent sight. We crossed the first 6 towns of Cebu’s 1st District and few others of the 2nd District, now its time for us to take our lunch and we made our stop-over at Orange Brutus Argao. After we grab a bite and do our personal stuff, we hopped in the car to go to our next destination. Our next stop is Alcoy, this is located approximately 93 kilometers south of Cebu. Here located is Budo’s Bamboo Bar Resort where we stayed for the night. The place is good, but the service is disappointing. Fresh air, clean with an overlooking view of the sea, yet rating would be high if their resort crew are friendly and courteous. It was indeed an unforgettable experience. Two kilometers away from Budo’s is Tingko Beach Resort. It’s a public beach, white sand and cool waters.

Budos Bamboo Bar Resort in Alcoy

Budos Bamboo Bar Resort in Alcoy

Tingko Beach Alcoy

Tingko Beach Alcoy

Quite a short trip indeed that we have to go back to Cebu City the next day. But our journey doesn’t end in Alcoy, we travelled the next few towns and made few stop over.

Church at Boljoon

Bell Tower at Boljoon

These activities don’t happen often, that’s why every bit of it is remembered. I always look forward to more trips with this gang and specially to more years of friendship…


~ by memyselfandjen on August 27, 2009.

4 Responses to “Down South”

  1. ga cge lng jd ug laag ai!
    in fernez, nka stay na pud ku sa BBB sa alcoy and nice jd sha.. 🙂

  2. Love the colorful candles! I think their appearance would also help to cheer up people, especially those who are feeling down and troubled, who come to the church to seek comfort and good cheer… don’t you think so?

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