Long wait … is over!

Tick, tock, tick, tock…sitting in my office cubicle thinking of a lot of things.
It’s been 3months since the last time I wrote something in my blog. I stumbled upon yuppietalks and it kicked my thoughts to start typing.

I was indeed busy for the past 3 months. Our team proposed new tools to develop, that entails us to take refresher courses in PHP, HTML and other stuff we need in the tools development. The ball is now rolling and we’ve got few months to accomplish our tasks.

Party Time

Party Time

Happy thoughts, happy thoughts…
I remembered few months back, a friend told me that her sister is getting married. The soon to be bride and groom are both residing in the USA so all the preparations are to be made by her. Weddings are exciting, fun and memorable. But the months of preparation is way too tedious…yet fulfilling, rewarding and all worth it!
From that conversation, I volunteered to help her out. I started to make inquiries, contact florists, violinist and the one who’ll make the cake. Those I’ve mentioned are just a part of the big picture. Yet, it should be wisely chosen and can fit the budget. Few months pass and the long wait ended last weekend. The pink wedding was held at Sacred Heart Parish Cebu and reception followed at Casino Espanol. I’m very grateful to be a part of that event and to have spent that day with people who warmly welcomed me.

After this event, another one is on queue! Few weeks ago, a friend of mine proposed to his 6years girl friend. Another wedding coming up! *big grin*

Another new thing to share is my new workplace. Movement to the new building was postponed 2-3times because the place is not yet ready. Now, we’ve move, a little adjustments and back to work.

One thing I’m looking forward this July is Palawan. We bought the tickets few months back and now the long wait is almost over. I will surely make a post after I get back!

Each day is indeed a present. There are so many things to cherish and share.
Though there are delays and obstacles on the way, surely it will lead to a fantastic end or better yet meaningful fruits are reap along the way.


~ by memyselfandjen on June 30, 2009.

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