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Christmas is fast approaching and as early as October I start to think of stuff to give out.

As my tradition, I always give something personalized. I happen to wake up early on a Sunday and got the chance to watch TV. Dropping by ABS-CBN’s MagTV show, a segment featured 2 young entrepreneurs(they are smart and accomodating). They make personalized stuff in which you can suggest the design you want and even put your name on it. So I checked out their Multiply site: Graffities (you too can check this out), and found great stuff! and Oh by the way, I ordered from them.

Guitar Pick

Guitar Pick

Another one on my list is boredandcrafty. I saw the guitar bags from Bite Magazine. It’s something new, unique and it definitely caught my eyes. I checked on the site and saw a lot of creative things which led me to sending Meream(she’s a very nice person) an email inquiry.

'd bag

Bags, pouches and all things unique are my weakness. I end up purchasing a bag and necklace from her shop and a daily dose of checking on her new stuff.

necklace i purchased from Meream

necklace i purchased from Meream


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